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Give the gift of love that blooms.


A heart-shaped vase made of unique ruby ​​glass that impresses with its elegant shape.


Gold ruby ​​glass is colored by colloidal gold dissolved in molten glass and is considered very luxurious. It is colored deep red to crimson.


Red is the color of life and vital energy.


Red has an effect not only on our psyche, but also on the body. Research has confirmed that the color red increases pulse and blood pressure and breathing rate.


The vases are hand blown into wooden molds.


Signed and certified.


Realisation in the Czech Republic glassworks.


Vases available in two sizes.


Photos by Anna Pleslova Czech Design Week festival and MILE magazine.




hand blown glass, cut and polished to a high gloss

large vase 29,5 x 24 cm

small vase 19,5 x 16 cm