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A design vase as a memory of childhood and important moments of life?


In three sizes (L, M, S), with the possibility of firing and fixing the drawings.


For me also a social project with which I addressed the children from the Elementary Art School in Vimperk, who were given a common theme, Portrait of their Family, under which they painted white glass shapes by free hands.


Unfortunately, the immediacy and freedom which with children can tell their stories, in adulthood, can not ..


Make yourself or your children happy and create a unique memory in the form of your author’s vase.


Vases available in three sizes, can be supplied with baking markers.


Photos by Katarína Hudačinová.




glass, mouth-blown, clear/hand-painted, hand-cut and polished to the highest gloss

22 x 20 cm (L)

18 x 17,5 cm (M)

15,5 x 14,5 (S)


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