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Collector’s uniques, always (1/1).


Collection of vases referring to the traditional porcelain and glass designs of our grandmothers. Limited edition – each piece is only one original.


Each vase is mouth-blown (by czech crystal opaque glass) into a wooden mold, hand-cut and polished.


I chose the form of traditional glass and porcelain decals I know from my grandmother’s dishes. I devised the current shape of the vase and the new composition of the tradition decals. I create the story here by using available painted gold details. Somewhere it’s just a gold line and pure folk form of decor. Other times, these are innocent moments of childhood, stories from fairy tales. Golden moments. Each vase has its own story and I don’t have two of the same. People often tell me their childhood stories when they have this vase in their hands. These are powerful moments for me. Vases that return memories.


Vases are hand-gilded/painted.


Limited edition – each piece is only one original.


Signed and certified.


Realization at Ajeto Glass Studio, Czech Republic.


Photos by Anna Pleslová.



glass, mouth-blown, hand-cut and polished to the highest gloss, glass decal/ hand painted, gold luster
15,5 x 19 cm


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