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07/08 – 25/09 2020

If it was necessary to capture the essence of our time in one word, interconnectedness is a viable candidate. Art, much like real life itself, disturbs the distinction between real and imaginary boundaries. At least from the second half of 20th century, glass is a go-to material for artistic experiments. Those are primarily based on its optical-aesthetic qualities, be they adored or denied. When during the creative process one combines glass with different materials, these materials are seldom equal, more often subservient. The world of glass art is thus isolationist and despite its innovative ethos, rather conservative. Indeed, there are exceptions. Their common denomination is an effort to fully combine glass art with other artistic fields.


The glass artist František Jungvirt (*1996) and fashion designer Barbora Kotěšovcová (*1997), both students of the Academy Arts, Architecture and Desing in Prague (UMPRUM), went a even further in their collection for Galerie Kuzebauch. Not only do they combine glass and textile, they also worked together from the very beginning. The result is a collection of organic creations, evoking previously unknown alien life-forms, or organisms invisible to the human eye living with us unseen for millennia. The aesthetics of individual objects and their use of materials is conceptually and functionally connected, just like on the runway, the body of a model is connected with their clothing, or the way a glass object touches its plinth. Thus, the title Fashion Glass, referencing the environment of fashion shows and art presentations.

Despite all existing theoretical works, art is still an incomprehensible entity. There is no guaranteed recipe to access it. There is no objective idea of what it does or does not constitute, which is a view that shifts with new generation of critics. František Jungvirt and Barbora Kotěšovcová came up with a concept that is not self-serving. It very articulately shows that there are numerous paths towards the finish line, even though its direction may not be certain at the first sight. In the spirit of the ancient saying – Seek and ye shall find!


Petr Nový

Head Curator, The Museum of Glass and Jewellery, Jablonec nad Nisou

Curator, Galerie Kuzebauch


Realization of objects in the Czech glassworks, at the Martin Štefánek Glass Studio.


Supported by UMPRUM and Štefánek Glass Studio.


Photos by Katarína Hudačinová

Video by David Kašpárek

In cooperation with SONY ČR (technique) and Czech Design Week, International Design Festival.



Dimensions of objects and prices on request.