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“Ice cracking, first rain, veining and nutrient flow through the plant, but also the need for sunshine – photosynthesis – energy for growth, all of these are recorded in this delicate collection of spring vases, using the historical technique of decorating glass by cracks (cracking glass). The minimalist line of shape is inspired by the budding of flowers and their growth towards light. ”



KLIMCHI ’s new Felicity collection by Frantisek Jungvirt fuses contemporary design with the delicate work of the glass artisan in this range of elegant crackle vases. Sparkling under the sun, each colour has been carefully chosen to bring a vibrant flow of energy as well as an abundance of harmony and peacefulness to your home.




rosy pink, buttercup yellow, minty green, cornflower blue, daisy white


Designed for KLIMCHI s.r.o.


Photos and video by Michal Kertesz.




glass, mouth-blown, cracle, hand-cut and polished to the highest gloss

23 x 11 cm


Available online at Klimchi.com.