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Unique collectible series of object-vases.


Diplomova project



Presented at the UMPRUM Technology Center in Mikulandská street (Mikulandská 134/5, 110 00, Prague, Nové Město).




My project deals with the phenomenon of vases and flowers in visual arts, as a means of artistic expression. I focus on factors connected to the creative activity of artists during their creation and how one works with and depicts them, specifically from the perspective of art history. This work is a loose continuation of my previous creation of glass vases, inspiration I‘ve found in nature and work with flowers.


The objects I‘ve created are closely related to the time and environment in which we currently live. Advanced technologies greatly influence our rhythms and thinking and imprint themselves on our daily lives and surrounding landscapes. Biological experiments and mutations in nature have become more common. Emotionally, ever higher demands and expectations are placed on us, and because of this we are often stressed and confined to our own worlds. We produce phantasmagoric visual images of idealized things and the world around us. The question of virtual reality and NFTs in the context of the art world has arised.


In recent years, very specific works of art have been created on the edge of sci-fi or fantasy. The aim of my work is to show that these works, which do not correspond to common canons, contain the truest story of the present moment and the individual creator. I too inscribe my relationship to nature and flowers, traditional technologies into this series of objects and at the same time unleash my imagination and create futuristic floral vase-objects.


As a starting medium, I chose glass as a material with which I most identify. With my objects I intentionally try to stand out from the stereotypical use and creation of glass vases and objects and the handling of flowers. The result is a series of works about connecting glass and living flowers, creating one whole – a floral creature. Through these art objects, I try to popularize freely hand-shaped hot shop glass again, to reopen the possibilities of experimentation, and at the same time I want to give space to myself and my natural creative emotions. I deal with more than just the aesthetic function of the vase and the flower. In this work I nod to the work of the Art Nouveau glassmaker Émile Gallé.


Nomination to the Josef Hlávka Award.


Consultation and implementation in the Martin Stefanek glass studio.


A reference to old art nouveau glass and painting techniques (freehand metallurgical shaping, etching with painting salts, coating in crumbs, working with metal oxides, realistic depiction of flora and fauna).


Audiovisual installation – objects supplemented with live flowers, sounds and scents.


Photos by Anna Pleslová.


Questions about vase-objects and any interest to frantisekjungvirt@gmail.com.