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The Svěží barvy / Fresh Colours joint exhibition presents eleven glass designers, artists and design studios, whose work is characterised by a passion for colour as one of the essential means of expression that has been influencing not only the glassmaking or applied arts but also design for thousands of years, be it the colour as the basis of the glass matter with which the artist works, or the colour applied to the finished form by painting or other techniques.


Glassmaking technologies and methods, from the traditional ones originating in ancient times to contemporary high-tech methods based on science and research, allow for a variety of shapes and colours, and work with light, enabling the Svěží barvy / Fresh Colours joint exhibition to offer a wide range of art concepts and techniques. The exhibition has been conceived as intergenerational: in addition to renowned artists and designers, it also presents young graduates and students of glass design departments of Czech universities and academies.


This exhibition has become a unique meeting place for the works produced in glass factories, works created by ancient glass blowing techniques and its subsequent refining by classical techniques of grinding, engraving and painting, and works processed by state-of-the-art technologies. Despite the fact that most of the exhibiting authors are active within the realms of glass design, they have prepared a representative collection for this exhibition that goes beyond the boundaries of applied art, design and visual arts, showing the vitality and viability of Czech glassmaking.


The sophisticated architectural and graphic design have been considered the key features of the curatorial concept of the exhibition from the very beginning.


Exhibiting Authors and Studios: Jakub Berdych, BYSTRO DESIGN, Irena Czepcová, Ilona Dragoeva, Lukáš Jabůrek, František Jungvirt, Jitka Kamencová Skuhravá, LLEV, Petr Stacho, Marcela Šilhánová, David Valner


Exhibition Curator: Jaroslav Polanecký
Exhibition Design: LLEV Studio (Eva and Marcel Mochal)
Graphic Design: Tuan Vuong Trong


Project creator: Olga Krykun
Curator: Frantisek Fekete
Designers: Nela Britaňáková, Mia Jadrná, Jakub Patka, Michaela Barochová, František Jungvirt

Photos: Peter Fabo


Represented collections: