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A unique collectible series of vases decorated with hot-glass modeled animals.


Each piece is unique, hand blown into a wooden mold. The glass animals are hands modeled by glass master Martin Štefánek.


Collectable artistically rendered objects-vases that work with the minimalism of form and the legacy of “free-thinking” surrealism and postmodernism.


Objects that take us back to carefree childhood years full of toys and imitations of our fairy-tale heroes. Plush animals that were our closest and inseparable friends. It was able to fill us with positive mood, fulfill our fairy-tale dreams, overcome obstacles.


For these “plush vases“, I deliberately work with my “iconic” minimalist vase shapes in pastel colors, on which perfectly crafted, modeled figurines of imitations of living creatures stand out perfectly, for which I was inspired by children’s fairy tales from the water world, the forest or the prairie.


My painting approach and thinking are reflected in the vases. The realistic motifs of animals and flowers, which I often scientifically examine through painting, become 3D due to the collaboration with the glass master Martin Štefánek, and we are able to feel all the details. I am loosely following up on my project of 3D modeled enamel animals from 2019 (Still life with fruit and animals) and my 2 graduation projects (Frangible Scenery and Floral Creatures).


The vases-objects were made by glass master Martin Štefánek, Desná, Czech Republic.


Each vase is hand signed, certified and numbered.


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Photos by Katarína Hudačinová.

Product photos by Anna Pleslová.