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A unique hot-glass decorated collectible vases.


The Unique vase-objects are mouth-blown into a wooden mold made of czech crystal glass.


Vase as a painting. Inspired by the work of the American abstract painter P. Jackson Pollock.


Paul Jackson Pollock was born in January 28, 1912 was an American painter. A major figure in the abstract expressionist movement, Pollock was widely noticed for his “drip technique” of pouring or splashing liquid household paint onto a horizontal surface, enabling him to view and paint his canvases from all angles. It was called all-over painting and action painting, since he covered the entire canvas and used the force of his whole body to paint, often in a frenetic dancing style. This extreme form of abstraction divided the critics: some praised the immediacy of the creation, while others derided the random effects.


Each vase is unique.


Hand signed, certified and numbered.


Realized in the Martin Štefánek Glass Studio, Czech Republic.


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Photos by Anna Pleslova.