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Crystal awards Křišťálový Špendlík for Google company.


The Crystal Pin award recognizes top rated businesses on Google Maps.


The crystal from which the price is made represents the fragility of the relationship between the customer and the entrepreneur. The soda bubbles, which created a unique drawing inside each pin, represent thousands of places on the Maps. The shiny brass base reflects the glass object and its surroundings, casting a golden color into the newcomers.


Each award serves as a solitary mirror object reflecting within itself the place that has achieved customer evaluation success.


Each award is hand-shaped by Czech glassmakers from the Crystal Valley of North Bohemian Kamenický Šenov, where the young glass brand KLIMCHI is based. We refer to the traditional techniques and procedures of the Czech glass craft.


Photos by Anna Pleslová.



glass, mouth-blown, hand-shaped, crystal, soda – bubbles, polished brass, sandblasted information

21 x 12 cm