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About project


High school final project.


My initial inspiration became a pupa and butterfly cocoon. Basically, it is a natural parallel of jewelry-box. A cover which hides the greatest treasure in the world – new life. Jewelry-box like pupa is not just simple case. It contains much more inside. Fantasy, moment of surprise and tension. We never know what is inside until we open it. And I wanted to cover these aspects in my work. At the first sight I was intrigued by the richness and diversity of these pupas. My work was based on this – it became a certain form of game with material. Wit, seriousness, contrast, this all I wanted to insert into my implementations by combining noble material such as glass and materials as Japanese paper, fleece, and wool. Colourful and material combinations are supposed to develop our fantasy and surprise us after opening. Chosen accidence of jewelry-boxes designed by me and little treasures inside come from simple shape of pupa and butterfly egg which is most aesthetic and functional – however always unique in different material and colourful implementation. In the beginning of my work there was a simple jewelry-box but in the end a material game full of fantasy and arisen. It never lost its function of a jewelry-box.


Knitted models by grandma Anna.


Photos by Petr Janský.



glass, melted, hand-cut and polished to the highest gloss, combination of different cocoon materials
22 x 10 cm