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Each vases is hand-blown in the Czech glass factory Ajeto. Colored rubies are added to the hot glass, they cause the different colored bottoms of the vases. The exact color and its distribution over the surface is unique for each vase. Each piece is blown separately and its final form is always different.


The last touch belongs to the paint brush. I paint a shark yolk in the sea with it. This motif refers to the predatory water environment of financial sharks. With its minimalist workmanship, however, it resembles another familiar detail – a handkerchief elegantly stored in the bib of the jacket. The shape and color of the vase itself is inspired by a shirt with a collar.


Limited series of vases designed for J&T Bank, a.s.


Photos by Anna Pleslová.



glass, mouth-blown, hand-cut and polished to the highest gloss, top color layer, hand-painted detail

31 x 21 cm  /  23 x 14 cm