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Glass designer, artist and glass painter František Jungvirt created a limited edition of diffuser-vases for Potten&Pannen.


Smaller objects evoke a child’s toy with their shape and positive, rich colors and evoke a sense of carelessness that belongs to childhood. TOY can brighten up the interior on their own, but they can also be used as a vase for flowers or a diffuser.


In the boutique shop – Atelier Potten&Pannen in the Andaz hotel in Prague. 3 color variants of diffusers inspired by Christmas are exclusively available. Ruby red, christmas tree green and butter yellow, each piece is hand numbered and signed by the author.


TOY is indirectly linked to the Wavy, Trifid, Lentil and Trdlík collections. The production technique also connects it with the latter, new vases are created by lifting the glass and blowing it into a wooden mold by hand. The base is made of crystal glass. Color transitions are achieved using coloring glass rubies, which are wrapped in a flask when warm. Finally comes polishing. Each piece is produced separately, so the final shape is slightly different each time. The color shade, saturation and surface distribution is unique to each piece.


“Compared to my other vases, TOY is significantly smaller. When designing, I was inspired by children’s toys, that’s why I chose bold colors and round shapes – it can remind someone of a duck. I also wanted it to look understated, yet playful and cute in the interior. The owner can also ‘win’ with the object – it’s only up to him whether he will enjoy it on its own or use it as a vase or diffuser,” states František


Limited Christmas Edition for Potten & Pannen Staněk.


ruby red – a total of 100 pcs

tree green – a total of 100 pcs

butter yellow – a total of 100 pcs


Signed and certified.


Photos by Anna Pleslova.



glass, mouth-blown, crystal glass with underlay color, hand-cut and polished to highest gloss

10,5 x 9 cm