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Luxury aromatic candles.


Nightfall Vanilla, Poplin Affair, Rose Lush a Pine Paradise, four scents in design candlesticks.


For KLIMCHI CANDLES I was inspired by the minimalism of shape and the optical play of light and shadows captured in the curvature of the glass. The play of light is amplified here by the flame of a candle. Fire, as a powerful element trapped in a ‘protective cover’, gives us warmth and an unusual spectacle. The fiery dance and the gentle cracking of a wooden wick, accompanied by the pleasant scent of wax, will warm us and open our minds every cold night. The magma of the erupted core of the volcano, which ripples and flows down its body, inspired me for the outer wavy appearance of the candle. The weight of glass ice refers to the earth’s gravity.


The design candlesticks, in cooperation with the Czech family manufactory, are hand-filled with natural soy wax, highly saturated with essential and fragrant oils. The advantage is also a wooden wick made of real hardwood Cocobolo.


Each candlestick is original, hand-blown and cut by experienced glassmakers. The candles are available in four color variants according to individual scents – amber Nightfall Vanilla with the scent of tobacco leaves and vanilla, Aquamarine Poplin Affair reminiscent of fresh cotton, dark purple Rose Lush with a hint of rose and Pine Paradise, which resembles the scent of Christmas cookies.



blue, amber, purple, dark green


Designed for KLIMCHI s.r.o.


Photos by Anna Pleslová.



glass, mouth-blown, hand-cut and polished to the highest gloss, soy wax with essential and fragrant oils, cocobolo wooden wick

11 x 10 cm – 350ml