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High school project.


The thought of my work was to create a piece which would symbolize music. At the same time it is a piece which represents my hobbies – fine art and art of music (I play the trumpet). I find a master instrument – violin, a convenient symbol of music. Who does the dirigent shake hand with? With the first violinist. The violin is in fact the symbol of the whole orchestra and further more – music as a form of art. And because I feel to be an artist too, I tried to make a connection, synthesis of both form of art in one whole piece. The same way, inside of me – an individual, both forms of art connect. Gradual birth and different techniques of melting and sintering glass should represent these interests of mine and effort to capture connection of music and glass – creating symbol of music from material in which I am momentarily interested in.


Photos by Petr Janský.



glass, melted, pâte de verre
52 x 18,5 cm