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Collectible unique objects (1/1).


Childhood memories, but also of our grandparents and relatives kept in personal coffers. Way to go back to the childhood, to remember the important moments of life, to connect with the closest, who are already not beetwen us. Using various objects reminds us. We put them in the treasury box. Close-touch vase to embedded shape. Its glossy surface reflects our memories. Possibility to make some kind of ritual. Restoring time with a living flower, a candle inserted into it. The flower itself and its fragrance canreflect the strongest of memories.


Cut lead crystal. Return to classic craft. Royal grinding is an old technique – every cut is hand cuted and polished on stones (without using acid). Hours and hours of extra work
will show the sharpness of the individual slices (the acid rounds them). Remembering traditional craft and patterns South Bohemian cut glass. Grandfather, cutter, who loved this job and worked in the Vimperk glassworks until her demise (1995).


Blown at RÜCKL glass factory, Czech Republic.


Hand-cuted by glass master Petr Janský, South Bohemia.


Limited series – each pic is the only one original.


Photos by Katarína Hudačinová.



glass, mouth-blown, hand-cut and polished to the highest gloss, enameled, hand-painted, gold luster, combination of materials

34 x 14 cm