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Unique vases inspired by the story of weird flowers.


“There are not many plants in the world that open their leaves only in the dark. Such flowers are pollinated by moths and often bloom in a single night. The colorful beauty of which no one has ever admired. Flowers that raise questions in us.”


“UV radiation is electromagnetic radiation with a wavelength shorter than that of visible light, but longer than that of X-rays. It is invisible to humans, but there are animals (birds, reptiles, some insects) that can perceive it. Its natural source is the sun. ” (


Ufologists believe in the landing of extraterrestrial civilization on our planet, as evidenced by a 232-page document from the late Middle Ages, discovered by the American Wilfred M. Voynich in 1912, which contains detailed drawings of plants not found on Earth. The manuscript is currently owned by the American Yale University.


Each vase is hand-blown into a wooden mold. Colored rubies are added to the hot glass to allow a smooth color transition. The exact color and its distribution over the surface is unique for each vase. Each piece is blown separately and its final form is always different.


Due to the uranium component, the glass has a characteristic olive color and the ability to shine at night with the help of ultraviolet light.


Signed and certified.


Realization at Martin Štefánek Glass Studio, Czech Republic.


Photos by Katarína Hudačinová.



glass, mouth-blown, hand-cut and polished to the highest gloss, uranium glass with underlay color
22 x 20 cm


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