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The unique WAVY gallery vase-objects bring the emotion of the forest, warm night and full moon light into your home.


The hand-blown dark bonsai and ruby ​​glass has a spectacular effect and evokes a sign of elegance and luxury.


With its simple shape, it easily blends with a minimalist, bohemian and elegantly furnished apartment.


Each vase is hand blown into a wooden mold.


Colored rubies are added to the heated glass, which will allow for a subtle color transition. The exact color and its distribution on the surface is unique for each vase. Each piece is blown separately and its final shape is different every time.


(Gold ruby ​​glass is colored by colloidal gold dissolved in the molten glass).


Signed and certified.


Realisation at Ajeto glass studio, Czech Republic.

Hand cutted by Jiří Štencl.


Photos by SHOTBY_US.


Photo in Volman’s villa by Anna Pleslova.



glass, mouth-blown, underlaid by color, hand-cutted and polished to the highes gloss
38 x 26 cm


Questions to frantisekjungvirt@gmail.com.