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Unique FUGU  vases in art photographs and arrangements by photographic duo SHOTBY.US.


FUGU vases are vases full of life under the water surface.


I was inspired by the shape of the fugu fish. The texture of the fish’s body swells when the fish feels threatened. The texture reminded me of historic hobnail decor. Hobnail, sometimes also called pineapple due to its visual resemblance to an exotic fruit. As a decor, it has been applied to products for several decades and today it is again becoming popular abroad. From the collections of the KLIMCHI brand, the HOBNAIL jugs gained popularity, which people liked very much. “My effort was to lighten this dense decor. At the same time, I strove to ensure that the new product was the bearer of the idea and that the ‘glass spikes’ did not just fulfill the function of decor. I designed an elegant thin binding that carries the story of the fugu fish. Fish that can be both smooth and structured.”


Vases are available in the klimchi e-shop.