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A unique collectible objects (1/1)


The EVA object is part of the collectible collection of Fashion Glass objects, which was created together with the fashion designer Barbora Kotesovcova  for the exhibition in the Curator Cuntemporary gallery. The experimental object works in a novel way with the blending of glass and artificial fur. The work uses pastel colors of glass muted by blowing into the crystal and using the post-production sandblasting technique. In combination with the airiness and lightness of the fur, it has an erotic effect and encourages tactility. The objects refer to the fashion world, they combine textile materials and glass in unconventional ways, with exaggeration and wit, they work with the conventions of the fashion industry and the human body. The individual objects are inspired by the supermodels of the 80s and 90s – their pose, fabric and mood are forever captured in the interplay of the profane and the permanent.


Realization in the glass studio of Martin Štefánek, Desná, Czech Republic.


Signed and certified.



  • transparent yellowish glass, sandblasted, hand blown and shaped, hand drawing veins
  • 56 x 60 x 58 cm


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