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A Unique Collectible vase, hand cutted.


Made in only one piece.


Each vase is mouth-blown (by Czech crystal glass) into a wooden mold, hand sanded and polished to the high gloss.


The modern silhouette of the vase in an atypical color alludes to the classic Czech tradition of glass hand cutting difficult patterns into czech crystal glass.


Inspired by brutalist architecture, the rawness of the material and the optical play of light passing through the glass.


Glass cutting on ​​the vase was created by master glass cutter Jiří Štencl, Jablonec nad Nisou, Czech Republic.


The vase is hand signed, numbered and certified.


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  • glass, mouth-blown, amber glass with aquamarine underlaid color, hand-cut and polished to the highest gloss
  • 34,5 x 16 cm

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