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Collectible vase.


The Garden series of iridescent vases in the matte version has a gentle effect and brings a new perspective on the glass material.


The iridescent Garden vases in the matte version have a gentle effect and bring a new perspective to the glass material.


The MISTY GARDEN collectible series is inspired by the suede surfaces of fogged windows and the structures of the first frosts in nature. Saturated tones of colorful flowers muted by cold mist.


Each vase is handmade, mouth-blown into a wooden mold using czech crystal glass. Hand-cut and polished to the highest gloss. Colored rubies are added to the hot glass to allow a smooth color transition. The vases are hand-cutted and matted using the sandblasting technique.


The exact color and its distribution over the surface are unique for each vase. Each piece is blown separately and its final form is always different!


Limited vase 20 pieces in total.


Signed and certified.


Pieces that are not in stock can be requested at frantisekjungvirt@gmail.com.



  • glass, mouth-blown, underlay-color, hand-cutted, sandblasted, polished ellipse detail
  • 34,5 x 16 cm

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