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A series of vases/objects inspired by the spring planting of flowers and the awakening of nature from its winter sleep. TRDLIK vases are handmade, mouth-blown into a wooden mold using czech crystal glass . Colored rubies are added to the hot glass to allow a smooth color transition.


The exact color and its distribution over the surface is unique for each vase. Each piece is blown separately and its final form is always different!


Available in several color variants.


Each vase is handmade, mouth-blown into a wooden mold, hand-cut, sanded and matted to a velvety finish.


The vase easily blends in with a bohemian and elegantly furnished apartment through to its minimalistic shape.



  • alexandrite glass, undercoated with colour,  mouth-blown, hand-cut and polished, sandblasted
  • 22 x 20 cm



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