Limited series (120 pieces in total).


Each individual piece is hand numbered.


“Jewelry trays and jewelery do not have to be women’s affairs only”.


A series of luxurious, unisex, emotionally and visually serious (unusual in a jewelry box), hand-shaped and cut jewelry, objects, full of contrasts.


Suitable as a jewelry box for a (wedding) ring or as a holder for small things, a tray for pralines, a diamond, an amulet or a talisman.


Working with gloss and matte contrasts / with fineness and roughness in glass.


Inspired by volcanic mountains, lava lakes, natural elements and reliefs, sci-fi forms.


Each object is manually signed, numbered and certified.


Larger trays – VOLCANO PLATES.


Pieces that are not currently in stock can be requested at frantisekjungvirt@gmail.com.



  • hand-shaped, pressed glass, hand-cut and polished to a high gloss, various options for cutting decor
  • object diameter Ø = 7.5 cm
  • height 4.5 cm
  • black opal glass


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