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Great premieres, concerts, opera, but also other important events include beautiful flowers, good food and luxurious glass, which together enhance the atmosphere of the gala evening. The drama of the vase, with its seriousness and pomp, will captivate at first sight and make every silent space a ceremonial hall.


Each vase is hand-blown into a wooden mold. Colored rubies are added to the hot glass to allow a smooth color transition. The exact color and its distribution over the surface is unique for each vase. The lace that covers the vase is imprinted into the glass with a hand-carved metal form and recalls the rich decoration of the dress and the space of the mirror halls. Candlelight plays an optical and light play on each of the vases. The widened neck of the vase resembles the massive pleated collars of classicist figures and elevates every bouquet arranged in it. Each piece is blown separately and its final form is always different.



opal, amethyst, aquamarine


Designed for KLIMCHI s.r.o.


Flower design by Provoní.


Thank you for the theatrical foto space Vinohradské divadlo.


Photos by Katarina Hudacinova with assistant Karolina Matuskova.

Video by Michal Kertesz.



glass, mouth-blown, hand-cut and polished to the highest gloss, underlaid with color, optical decor


33 x 17 cm (medium vase)

41 x 17 cm (large vase)


Vases are available on-line at Klimchi.com.