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Collectible instalation.


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The objects I created have a close connection to the nature and environment of the place where I grew up, where I learned to respect nature and where my fascination with insects is stemming from. An endeavour to bring people back again to nature and to the vital processes and motions around us is given through the visually interesting clusters and swarms of insects. The aim of my thesis is to demonstrate that even the smallest living creatures, insects in this case, have their own history and deeper meaning, not only for environment, but also for culture and art. Through the artwork I am sharing the important knowledge about nature and insect species (their current state) thus instigate them to respect nature. At the same time, I aim for the deeper connection between man – artist and nature.


Inspired by the phenomenon and unique technology of production of glass models of plants and animals of the Blaschkových family in the middle of the 19th century (The family originally came from Český Dub, Czech Republic).


Realization at Martin Štefánek Glass studio, Czech Republic.


Photos by Katarína Hudačinová and Anna Pleslová, 2021.


Videos by Patrik Trska, 2021.


Thanks to SONY for the electronics dedicated to the project.



blown glass, hand shaped, coated with glass crumb and special mixture, work on a torch – glass winding technique (blueberry), glass decal, painting, coloring, video and sound – installation


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