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A unique collectible series of objects – audiovisual installation (1/1)


The trio of unique glass objects that appeared in 2020 as my bachelor’s thesis at UMPRUM reflect my relationship to my native landscape, the nature around us and insect species.


Even the smallest animals – representatives of insects – have their own history and deep significance, not only for the functioning of life, but also for culture and art.


Part of the audiovisual installation are mobile phones with sounds of the forest and captions about the insect kingdom. In this way, they try to educate the viewer – to what extent are insects already damaging the forest, what is the state of nature today and what can we do to keep it in good shape, etc.


Inspired by the phenomenon and unique technology of producing glass models of plants and animals of the Blasch family in the mid-19th century (family originally from Český Dub).


Realization in the glass studio of Martin Štefánek, Desná, Czech Republic.


Signed and certified.



  • glass, blown, densely shaped, coated with glass crumb and a special mixture, work on the kahane – glass winding (historical technique of the Blasch family), glass decal – painting with glass paint – coloring – tumbling
  • audiovisual installation – sound and information – telephones


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