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A unique collectible series of vases decorated with hot-glass modeled animals.


Each piece is unique, mouth-blown into a wooden mold. The glass animals are hands modeled by glass master Martin Štefánek.


Collectable artistically rendered objects-vases that work with the minimalism of form and the legacy of “free-thinking” surrealism and postmodernism.


These vase-objects are an example of high-craft craftsmanship.


“Glass that won’t leave us cold.”


For these, to some, frightening objects, I deliberately work with my “iconic” minimalistic vase shapes in earthy colors, on which perfectly crafted, modeled figurines of imitations of living creatures stand out perfectly.


I deliberately choose those who often scare us or are the cause of our phobias or nightmares. Striving for a hyper-realistic depiction of each individual creature (spider, beetle, crow, etc.) allows us to examine them from a real proximity and touch them, partially overcoming our fears.


My painting approach and thinking are reflected in the vases. The realistic motifs of animals and flowers, which I often scientifically examine through painting, become 3D due to the collaboration with the glass master Martin Štefánek, and we are able to feel all the details. I am loosely following up on my project of 3D modeled enamel animals from 2019 (Still life with fruit and animals) and my 2 graduation projects (Frangible Scenery and Floral Creatures).


The vases-objects were made by glass master Martin Štefánek, Desná, Czech Republic.


Each vase is hand signed, certified and numbered.


More information at frantisekjungvirt@gmail.com .


Photos by Anna Pleslová.